Adventurists Tourist Destinations (SaqibSoomroo)

The world is full of beautiful and incredible places but not all the places are as easy to reach some beautiful places really ask the tourist or a traveler to sacrifice their comfort to experience the beauty but not every traveler does sacrifices like MrSaqibSoomroo who told us about his most adventurist Visits to the incredibly beautiful but dangerous sites of the planet.

Starting with his experience to Running of the Bulls summer festival of Spain which he experiences in the Catalina part of Spain in the city of Pamplona which is even broad casted live in Spain The events attracts in excess of 20,000 people each year at least 1,000 of them gets injured, over 15 Deaths have been recorded since its inception people might either be considered to be brave or just completely foolish by running on this eventbut you have to sacrifice a little.

Second in the list comes the El Caminito Del Rey of spain which according to him is one of the most dangerous walkways in the world It is only about a meter in width but is linked between two cliffs that are about 200 meters apart and 100 meters in depth but it is now closed for public but you can actually buy some happiness with money with a wink on an eye he moved to his third experience of  the Yungas Road also known as Death Road which is as long as approx. 70 Kms is in the yungas region of Bolivia , several risks are associated with this road as the road is unstable and far from frim and has no side rails to protect vehicles to fall into the descent that goes almost 600 meters over 200 fall victims of the roads unfriendliness and tourists are mostly advised to avoid it but to experience the Beauty you have to take risk which are not advised as MrSaqibSoomroo is one of the Experienced and Daring travelers of our country he took that risk and absolutely loved it in fact he is still ready to experience that one more time if he is going to get a chance in near future.

Fourth in Mrsaqibsoomros list comes the Trolltunga which would definitely be the first in most people list when it comes to adventure but if you have hiked as much as mrsoomroo may be Troll’s tongue will be the fourth in your list too it’s one of the most dangerous attractions in Norway if you are just going to look at the picture of the site itself you would be able to understand why he was calling it the most dangerous site of Norway, The stone is elevated almost 750 to 800 meters high and will take your tiring 10 hours to reach the top of it but after reaching the top you will be surprised and terrified to know that there are no rails around to protect the observers and tourist around the world these four places were enough for me to think for Several days.

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