Five reasons to visit Austria by Saqib Soomro

Schonbrunn Palace

If a person wants to dive down the pathways of history with the stories of the old dynasties with their oppressions of the kings of old age then he must visits Schonbrunn Palace. This place is a marvel of architecture, with the walls and ceilings that exude art by every little inch. It was made if King Mosaphore some 4000 years ago, and it was terms as the strongest built palace in the history of Austria. It has withstood many oppressors and their wrath but has saved its living beings inside.


This name is popular with the people who love ancient art and ancient masterpieces. The best thing about this place is that it contains all the Europe’s dynasty’s belongings to the swords of old late kings to the artwork of that era’s painters. Most of the people who visit this place often refer it as one of the best places to fill your Instagram with. A person visiting Austria must keep this spot in his check list Saqib Soomro said.


Belvedere Vienna, is a place that you cannot miss if you happen to visit to north of Austria. Located in the outskirts of North Austria. This place the most serene and offers the most tranquility to the people who visit here. Often it is been said that this place hold healing powers to the people who are in problems with their depression and other diseases. Visiting this place also has a healing herbal effect because it is located in the midst of the world’s most lush green fields spread in the radius of 6 miles.

Saint Stephen’s Cathedral

Mr. SaqibSoomro suggested that you must visit this place if you want to get close to the roots of Christianity. This place was built by a priest that came here three hundred decades ago and since then this place serves as the place for many devotees to come here and pray. They also come here for the confessionary part and go back to their homes happy and elated and tension free. If you want to experience the magic of devotees then you must come and absorb the atmosphere of this place.


When it comes to amusement parks. Prater holds its head up high in the tough competition that has been given to it by the neighboring European amusement parks. It has a giant wheel which is famous for its height world over. Kids and their parents from different countries visit it all the time to have a time of their life. The best part about this amusement park is that it caters to kids and adults of every age. The best time to visit this place is in the mid of March where the weather is also good.

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