Five ways to explore France by Saqib Soomro


Motor vehicle is still the best way by which you can carve your way through the France. Because the fact remains that France produces oil which is converted into petrol and because of the fact that it is independent, the price of petrol is very cheap in France. So what better way to travel the entire country than having your own vehicle and enjoy the comfort of a customized journey that you see in front of the area?

Euro Train

The second best way to travel the France is by Euro train. These trains network is spread all over the France and in fact all over the Europe. They are super cheap in comparison with other travel mediums and offer the best comfort level because you can see the hills and parks on your way to travel and you won’t be tired because the train driver is driving the rile.

The Two Wheelers

Another way of exploring the France is by on two wheelers. The only drawback of the motor cycles are that they are very tough on physical aspects. You may get tired and ill so you need to exercise most caution Saqib Soomro said. But the best part about this is that you find yourself the best roads to drive on, so what you can do is start from the bottom line and work your way up the ladder because it will stain your body very less than the other modes we are about to discuss.

Through Water

You can use specially made vessels to travel the France because of its nature in water you can easily get from one destination to another. The only drawback is that you will have to follow a time table and the journey will be long in comparison with its air counterpart. But most importantly is it kind of cheap when compared with other models of travelling because there are many kinds of risks that you forego if you plan to travel through water and the journey is very delightful but bear in mind that this isn’t for the people whip have sea sickness so they better chose another route for their crusade.

By Air

Lastly SaqibSoomro mentioned that Air is the best which it comes to time. Because it saves you a lot of time but on the other hand the problem with air is that it is very expensive and can land you in the sea of debt. So it is fully up to you that which mode of travel you chose for yourself. Either go for time or either go for money, you can’t have both at the same time.


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