How Saqib Soomro’s interest developed on the antique furniture

Social gatherings

Since he was born in a high end family which had all the royalties of the world as their friends, so since his childhood he made high end friends and went out to the social gatherings with the people who were at par with his money and with his stature. He narrated us that from his childhood he used to visit the royal family of the Great Britain and used to admire their furniture when he went there. So from there on he had a dream in his mind that one day he will get himself the furniture that he desires. So that happens in the end that it developed into a hobby for him.

Research on history

Another thing which played a huge part in developing the interest of Mr. Saqib Soomro in the antique furniture is that he used to research on history a lot. We could see in his rooms and in his home made library that there are racks full of books that are devoted to the by gone era’s kings and their locals. These books stated the kind of furniture that those kings had used in their era, and that reading developed the kind of fun fact in him that it propelled him to getting himself the antique for himself from all over the world. In quest of that he travelled to the numerous countries of the world, met many people and explored the world on his own just to get the kind of the furniture that he wanted for his home. Often when people came to meet him he used to shy them away just because of the fact that he could research some more on the antique furniture that he wanted to buy for himself.

Travelling to the world

Another factor which contributed greatly in adding to the likeness of Mr. SaqibSoomro in getting antique furniture is that fact he always wanted to travel the world. There he saw different kinds of furniture in different kinds of places, where all the places that he had travelled had the best kind of furniture. For instance every continent in the world he says has its own touch in the antique furniture that they possess. The kings of that certain country, that certain race attached a value of their heritage in their furniture which added in to the interest development in him so that he would travel the entire world to get the furniture that he wanted.

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