Saqib Soomro and his collection of lamps

When we looked around in his house we saw a collection of antique things, which included lamps too. At first we thought that they are just showpieces but then after observing them closely we came to a conclusion that they were not things only they were lamps. When inquired upon by the legend himself, we asked about the collection of lamps that he has in his lifetime. So he narrates the story like this.

Brazilian Lamps

Lamps are found all the over the world. The best part about the lamps is the fact that we usually associate the lamps with the more developed countries and overlook the smaller ones. The Brazilian lamps have a history attached to them, and that goes way back long time ago when they were made at homes as a thing for cottage industry. They are more efficient in the history that all the slaves were paid very little wages for these lamps to be made and all the rich English people used to come up and take these lamps away with them. With the least priority given to the food and source of earning of the poor wage earners. So main relation with the best quality of lamps that Brazil had were made from poor people in dire situations.

Monacan Lamps

Monacan lamps that Saqib Soomro owned were right opposite of that of Brazilian lamps. The Monacan lamps were made in huge factories which were machine operated. By the time it had reached the places, the Monacan lamps were given to the Englishmen as a gesture of superiority, which they gladly accepted because at that time lamps were considered to be the toy of rich and elite. He said that he as spend most of his fortune just to buy these Monacan lamps because they hold a very special place in the history of lamp cottage art. He said that he travelled all over the world just to get a glimpse of these lamps and had spent his most fortune for the best thing. This if often overlooked by the people in the world.

North-American Lamps

The North-American best lamps are the ones which are used to be the best ones in the history of the world. The American people used these lamps and used to throw them away after just a little use. They were very good in the best of situation and the regarding the fact that these lamps were very little in use. They were used by the great George Washington he said. SaqibSoomro said that he had to work very hard to acquire these lamps only because of their very high intrinsic value. The value which only a handicraft and cottage industry lover could understand. He further said that the best thing about these lamps is the strong durable material that has been used in them. Moreover he said that if anybody of you want to acquire these lamps he will have to go through a special magnification.,a`

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