Saqib Soomro – How to protect your antique furniture at home

Tips and tricks to maintain your antique furniture by Saqib Soomro

Following are the tips by saqib ahmed soomro to protect your home decors to maintain your house furnitures.

Your grand mother’s furniture that she got as dowry has been passed on to you? They definitely would be some of your most prized possessions that you plan to pass on to the next generation? So you need to take extra care of them! We have researched, gone far and wide and compiled the best tips which will help you keep all your antique furniture in the best possible condition. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your antique furniture in the best shape possible.

Always clean with a light hand and a soft cloth. Avoid using rugged pieces of cloth to clean your antique furniture. For the difficult to reach areas, use a cotton bud. Dust with a soft cloth or vacuum it if you find that easier.

Make sure you get your furniture waxed once a year. Not more not less. Waxing will help it maintain a healthy shine, but if you overdo it, the wear and tear of the furniture speeds up. It’s always better to hire a professional to help you out with it.

Avoid using bottled cleaners as they damage the furniture. Take a spray bottle, add luke warm water, mild liquid dish washing soap and a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Mix well and use to clean antique furniture. Be very careful not to soak the furniture, spray and wipe using a soft cloth. This will help you clean, give a shine to wood and will also keep insects and pests away.

Keep the furniture away from sunlight. It’s not just the sunlight, but the heat of the sun can also gravely damage your antique furniture. Sunlight coming in from the window can cause the heat to soar up to 150 degrees, causing irreversible damage to the furniture. If the rooms placement is such where the windows let in light on to the furniture, use curtains to block out the light. Sun rays cause fading of color, drying out of wood and depreciation of matter over time.

Avoid keeping antique furniture near heating vents and hot units. This will cause the wood to dry and therefore shrink. This may also cause cracks on wooden furniture due to loss of moisture. You can use a humidifier in cold and dry weathers to increase the longevity of your antique furniture. Set your humidifier to maintain moisture level up to 55 percent.

Keep all antique furniture indoors, to keep it safe from weather erosion.

Watch out for pests and insects at all times. Once your furniture catches bed bugs, it will be very difficult to get rid of.  Other pests such as beetles and termites will do serious permanent damage. Cockroaches too are known to damage furniture as the feed on the dirt and oil found on the surface of furniture. Get your house fumigated once every year.

Once a week, clean your furniture with a mixture of one parts vinegar and one part linseed oil diluted in two parts water. This will help get rid of grime, stains, grease and is also polish friendly. This weekly cleaning routine will contribute greatly to the longevity of your antique furniture.

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