SaqibSoomro tells his story of a 200 year old sofa

As we already know that how much of an ardent furniture lover he already is. When we went to the main room of his house in Karachi, we saw a very special and a very unique kind of a sofa lying there in the room. First we thought that it was some of his new project but then we realized that it was some ancient sofa that he had brought from somewhere. We got surprised and wanted to know more about the beautiful sofa that he had. So when he came down the stairs we asked him to tell us more about.

He said that the origin of this sofa is in the midst and haze of Cairo, and this sofa was used by none other than the best of the best rulers that came. Though the sofa had the age of 200 years attached to it over which we couldn’t help ourselves get astonished to. But the more astonishing fact was that this sofa was only discovered 200 years back when its actual age is well over 2000 years. It was used by the Pharaohs in their kingdom and at their time.

How it maintained such good state:
When asked about the fact that how did that sofa maintained such a good state, he said that he was embalmed by the Kings of that era, that era which consisted of rulers which were so bank upon keeping things safe with them. The embark on this magnificent journey couldn’t help the best of the best. It was put in the chemicals later on it was resettled it so that it could be bought by the people who loved it. So that’s how it remained in such a solid and best state of the art.

The price tag:
When asked SaqibSoomro about the price tag associated with it, he smiled and laughed and said these things are priceless, but when we said that we want to know and insisted so he told us that he bought it at the price tag of one hundred thousand million dollars. And he said that he would have paid even a higher price than that because of the value and heritage attached to the sofa.

The shipment:
He told us that since this sofa was of so much in value and was so much close to his heart, he had to make special measures to get the sofa to himself in Pakistan. He told us that he hired a cruise ship to bring it to Pakistan. Booked the cruise ship all by himself just to that it reaches its final destination at the end.

The preservation:
The preservation of this sofa is no easy job, he said that he puts in fifty thousand rupees a month just to preserve this sofa. When inquired SaqibSoomro that does anybody sit on it still so he invited us to sit on it and it see it yourself and we couldn’t help out self-get impressed by its strength

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