SaqibSoomro tells us about the dos and don’ts of Indonesia

As we all know that every country in this world has its distinct culture. Every nation in this world has its distinct identity. What we can make out of the country that we are planning to visit is entirely up to us. Their relevance with our culture, means the culture that we are living in is not necessary but the means to be visited has to be born in such a way that it doesn’t disrespect the culture. So when we inquired him about the culture of Indonesia he told us that there are some main do’s and don’ts that a person needs to adhere to so that the trips gets over nicely.

Don’t point the finger at somebody:

We often have a knack of pointing out fingers at the other person. No matter how close or friendly we are. We always do it. It had become more of our norm. But he tells us that when you are in Indonesia you are not supposed to do that because it is consider highly unprofessional and unethical in the place. So always try to save yourself from that because that’s the main thing, once you consider your safety at best you are all good. So you have to go to a certain route in order to go to Indonesia. You are not supposed to point finger at somebody even if you are doing it for the sake of showing something or to show somebody or denoting anything. So whenever you try to hail a cab or a taxi always show with your hand down, never try to point fingers and stop the cab with it or the problem is that you will keep you on suffering it for the rest of your lifetime.

Always travel in Go-Jek or Blue Bird:

Now second most important tip SaqibSoomro told us that always go for Blue bird taxi or Go jek when visiting Indonesia. You know the thing with the Indonesian taxis are that the charge extra rates so the government came to a conclusion to introduce the taxis called Blue bird taxis. The best thing about these taxis is that they are the best when it comes to rates, they don’t over charge you, they don’t play a hooky on you and they are honest and truthful. Moreover same goes for Go jet which is a bike taxi. They come to pick u up and charge very nominal rates for the ride which you can easily afford.

Don’t drink Bintang:

Australians and Americans often suffer from the disease called Bali Belly. In which they suffer from food poisoning which creates problems in their stomachs. So it is better to stay safe he told us. He also said that whenever you are trying to drink water always do it from the mineral water bottle not from the tap water. Because the tap water contains too many germs and you can get sick SaqibSoomro told us

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