The antique Sofa collection of Mr. Saqib Ahmed Soomro

Many master pieces of Furniture

As we entered in his house, we could not help out self but to only admire the collection of Sofas that he has. Such beauty that has yet to be seen in this world. The best of the best with the wood that speaks for itself. With the mattress that speaks for itself. With the sewing that stands out too. How can somebody ignore the fact that most audaciously beautiful sofa set is owned by this great human being? We just stood there and watched and gazed at the beautiful sofa sets the Mr. Saqib Ahmed Soomro has. If we could put it in word the world ‘wow’ or ‘beautiful’ won’t even do justice to the master pieces that Mr. S has. The most marvelous pieces of art are there in his room which we could only gaze and adore, because they are meant to be adored they are supposed to be admired by the normal people like us, who can only dream of owning such beautiful sofa sets.

Sofa that is the closest to the heart

The heart of a person says a very different story than the brain. The brain often tells a person to think rationally and ignore the creative art pieces when the heart is actually the opposite of that. The heart of a person often leads him into thinking of something which is artistically beautiful and creative. The best and the best of the furniture there are many different and varies from person to a person. Mr. Saqib Soomro has his favorite sofa bought from India from the town in New Dehli. When inquired upon that how did he go to India and how did he manage to get such a masterpiece from our neighbors who do not give us anything in return, wasn’t it difficult for him to bring this home without getting caught.

The confession of Sofa acquisition

When we asked him that how did he manage to acquire this sofa he states that, the best things in the life needs passion and courage to be kept working towards? He said that he went to India for a diplomatic mission, where he was travelling in their local market after getting done with his morning tea and workout, which keeps him fit and ready to battle and political war. He saw a junkyard where there was lots of used furniture lying into dust and nobody would care. He went inside and saw this beautiful Sofa which he couldn’t get his eyes off from. He immediately asked the shop keeper to sell this sofa to him which the salesman declined at first considering that he was a Pakistani but then later on he agreed because Mr. S agreed to give him a hefty amount of money for this sofa which he bought home.

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