Travel tips for new travelers

Mr. Saqib Ahmed Soomro and his fairytale travels are famous all over the world. In every part of the world where the travel bugs reside they would’ve heard his name in either good or best ways only. The Best about his travels and he doesn’t travel for leisure only, most of his travel stories that he tells is about not the leisure traveling that the world thinks of but its more about the educational and exploring traveling. All over the world he has his students who would come up to him to take new travel tips from him which is happily gives out, because he says the life is short, we should save and travel and make memories and things and objects won’t make you happy as long as the memories would. He gives our some tips for the newbie travelers that he fined are essential for them to adhere to for save and happy travelling:

  • Cash vs credit card

It has always been debatable that while traveling which suits the best, taking chunks of cash or using credit cards. According to Mr. Saqibsoomro both have their pros and cons. The good things about the credit cards is that you are free from taking any cash which is full of hassle, you can just pay by a credit card which is easier to carry on the flipside if you lose your credit card internationally you may end up in trouble of getting it blocked from your native country and dialing and giving our the information which is required. The good part about carrying cash is that it is safe in terms of scams and other issues.


  • Show diligence while booking the hotels

While booking the hotels online after you are done with that make sure to call the hotel on the actual number and asked them if they have got the booking done, because often it has been seen that the online scammers just take your money and don’t book the hotel for you, so it’s better to lose a tad bit of money instead of losing your happiness when you are on a vacation.


  • Learn the local language

The local language takes you a long way into traveling. Mr. SaqibSoomro says that he has learnt more than 300 languages, which has taken him to enjoy his travels even more. He says that learning new languages will help you mingle with the local with ease and will help you get a friendly treatment from them as well.


  • Learn the culture

There are a few dos and don’ts have you must learn before going on a holiday. It is because what may look simple in your country might be considered a sin or immoral. Even the slight hand gestures can land you in trouble.


  • Don’t take anything from a stranger

Never take anything from a total stranger even it requires you to hold it for seconds. It may land you in jail, so don’t trust anybody who wants a favor like this from you.


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