Why traveler guide is important while travelling

Mr. Saqib Ahmed Soomro has traveled more than hundred countries of the world. His traveling includes from the heights of rocky mountain cliffs of Nevada to the below sea level country like Seychelles. He has traveled to the places where a normal person wouldn’t even dare thinking of traveling let alone actual traveling. When we inquired upon the importance of having a traveler’s guide while a person is traveling in the digital era. We inquired that is it necessary for anyone who is traveling to an unknown country to have a travel guide of its own since the smart phones and tablets these days are so well equipped with every map there is which keep you informed throughout all the travel time and makes the travel even more interesting. He says that even in this digital age keeping a traveler’s guide has its own importance which can never be ignore by anybody.

According to Mr.SaqibSoomro he still keeps a travel guide with him in a hardcopy wherever he is travelling to.  He said the purpose that the actual hard copy serves is that purpose which a digital guide like a cell phone guide or a tablet one cannot serve. He said that the digital guides need to be recharged in order to work overtimewhereas the normal guide in hard copy won’t require you to have any kind of recharging required to it. If you happen to face the rain, he says that you can’t take your digital guide out, even in that scenario the normal traveler guide works without any problems. A travel guide just occupies a little space in your pocket where you could keep it. With the travel guide you can go to the places you wouldn’t even think of going else. It serves as a purpose to explore more on the foot and even on the motored transportation. The travel guide keeps you informed about the terrain that you have to face in your quest for travelling. It will keep you informed about the customs prevailing in the country.

Mr. SaqibSoomro also tells that a traveler guide will help you keep an eye on the pros and cons of the culture. In every culture there are certain things that you can’t do or those things are considered immoral and not modest. You have to follow those norms to enjoy your travel the most. He says that a travel guide will help you get more out of your travel from the destination you are traveling to. The travel guide will help you out if you get lost from roaming street by street. The travel guide will also make sure that you are fully informed about the cultural changes that you face from your own hometown to the country you are traveling to. He always asks to get a travel diary from a reliable source such as amazon and which is authentic and updates. An outdated travel guide will serve you bad and may land in you trouble.

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